Photo & Craft Contests

As with prior events, GOF Central 2019 will also host Photography and Crafts competitions. These competitions are open to all registered participants and only have a few simple rules:

  • They must be of your own making – no commercially made item is allowed
  • They must carry an automotive theme. It would be ideal to be MG centric, but not absolutely required
  • The entries must be brought to Registration to be “checked in” and assigned an item number
  • The entries may be left overnight in Registration, but the show will not be responsible for their safekeeping
  • The entries must be collected by closing time on the last day of registration
  • Awards will be presented during the banquet, normally on the last night

Photos: Do you have a photograph which makes you are especially proud? Bring it with you and enter it into the photography contest. This can be of only your car, your car within the shot, or just a scene from nature. Use your imagination.

Crafts: Have you made something from metal, wood, cloth, plastic or such? A quilt in the shape of an octagon; a basket with a British theme, an original painting featuring your car? The types of items qualify for the Craft completion. Why not bring it an enter it.

So, please bring your item to GOF Central 2019 and enter them in the Registration room and you may return home with an award.